Exciting News! PaperHaus Magazine Blog Design Team

Hi everyone! I am so very excited to be here letting you know my latest news. Yep you guessed it right from this blog post title, I am a proud member of the fabulous PaperHaus Magazine Blog Design Team. I cannot explain how very excited I am about this venture and getting to work alongside some of the most amazing artists in this industry is such a pleasure.


The PaperHaus Magazine is an amazing inspirational and FREE online magazine featuring the most amazing designers across the globe.

I am so very honoured to be working alongside these amazing people…

Frank Garcia (PaperHaus Magazine Editor-in-Chief)

Trina McClune (DT Co-ordinator, Social Media Co-ordinator)

Julianne McKenna-De Lumen

Trudi Harrison

Erin Blegen

Amy Prior (me eeekkk excited much)

Annelie Maddock

Cassandra Chen

Tusia Lech

Christin Grønnslett

Frau Muller

Anita Stokes

Monika Bieniek

Marfa Otano

Maiko Kosugi

Romy Veul

Tyra Babington

Bianca Ribeiro

If you haven’t checked out PaperHaus yet be sure to head over and checkout their Fall edition just released with the fabulous Gerry Van Gent on the cover. Wow wow wow is all I can say! Check it out here

Until next time, happy scrapping!

Amy Prior xx

4 thoughts on “Exciting News! PaperHaus Magazine Blog Design Team

  1. Absolutely FANTABULOUS….I’m sure you’ll have a ball & be a wonderful addition to their new team….it’s a wonder I can’t hear you squealing from here:):):) Must catch up…..sooon…..wedding, then visitors for a few weeks….before Christmas, eh???!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We will definately catch up soon I just need to get over the school holidays and I will have some time to myself 3 days a week LOL. How was your holiday hun? You probably could hear me squealing but thought it was a stray cat or something hahaha x

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