Howdy! My name is Amy Prior and I am a certified Scrapaholic.

First and foremost I am a mother to 2 gorgeous girls, Mia & Chloe, and also a loving wife to my very understanding & tolerant husband Joel.

I have always been a Creative minded gal. I find it hard to live without my paintbrush in hand or covered in some kind of adhesive. My girls are usually the focus of my creations because I just love to scrapbook memories for them. My dear mother has a box full of lost memories I call them. My entire collection of childhood photos, is stored inside a shoe box randomly mixed up and if I ever ask my mum when a photo was taken or what occassion has been captured, she is always blank. No record and her memory failing, I was always destined to scrapbook and I started journalling at a very young age, including photos, magazine cuttings etc.

By the time my first daughter came along, I was introduced to this fabulous world of “Scrapbooking”. I was in heaven at that very first Creative Memories party but the instant I walked into a regular Scrapbooking Store, I saw a world of possibilities and a world of pretty things that I simply had to reach out and grab. Now I, of course, have the same problem that most scrappers have, and that is that I have way too many supplies to know what’s good for me! But then every CHA that comes around, my wish lists grow as my bank account shrinks.

As a young girl, my dream was always to be a teacher. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I left school very young and went down the wrong paths for a very long time. Although my dream to be a teacher can still be a reality, I love to focus on sharing my passion for creativity with others. I cannot begin to describe the joy it brings me when I have helped someone create a work of art, after they have doubted themselves and especially after they say they do not have creative bones in their bodies etc.

I hope to share my love for this beautiful Mixed Media world that I live in, with all of you. If I ever post something that has not been explained properly, PLEASE comment and ask me questions. I am always happy to answer and add more steps to make your creative journey easier. Very soon I will be uploading lots of fabulous video tutorials for you to view also, but I better figure out how to use the new camera first hehe.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and I do hope that I have helped inspire you on your own creative journey.

Amy Prior xxx

You can contact Amy via her Facebook Page here or if you would prefer to email you can to amy_prior@live.com

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